Setting Up Your Open House

When you’re selling your home, you want to make sure your open house gives off an amazing impression. If you’ve ever been to an open house, I’m sure you walked into a clean and organized home with some great furniture and decorations. The goal is to not have it empty or cluttered. You want a happy medium. When people walk around your home, you want them to see how the home looks with furniture in it, but you also want them to be able to focus their attention on the details of the actual house. You also don’t want to make it look as though you’re hiding anything, and too much furniture and decor can be distracting. You’re selling the home, not what’s inside.


There was one time when I hosted an open house and we baked cookies right before visitors came. This was a smart move. We had baked goods to offer to our guests, as well as the smell of fresh baked cookies.

Here are some more smart moves when it comes to setting up your open house:

1. Greet all guests at the door personally. The best thing to do is keep the door locked so that they have to ring the bell. This set up is less confusing than having people constantly walking in and out. It allows you to see who is coming in and allows you to give an introduction. They’ll also feel comfortable approaching you if they have any questions throughout the open house.

2. Have additional information placed in appropriate spots, for example, placing additional information packets on the coffee table or right next to the fresh baked cookies. Guests will naturally gravitate towards those areas and will learn more about the listing, such as school district information and community information.

3. Have signs and balloons. This is a friendly gesture and will get people’s attention.

4. When you stage the furniture and decor, avoid using your personal items. You wan’t your decor to appeal to everyone. If you don’t have great furniture and decor, look into a store like, one with a wide selection of decor with different styles. Find what goes best with your home.

5. Clean and new is key! Outdated tiles or grimy bathroom walls are an immediate turn off. These can usually be easy fixes. Cleaning and/or a fresh coat of paint over the tiles is the way to go.

6. If you have an outdated fireplace, clean it and use heat-resistant spray paint to give it a fresh look.

7. New kitchen appliances make the kitchen look newer! Investing in some is worth it.

I find these tips to be among the best, but there’s still so much more to learn.

Tips for Buyers


Know the Importance of Location

Choosing the location of the home you buy is crucial for reselling. I know you’re only in the buying phase, but you’ll be glad you considered this in the future. While you may think it’s important to have a larger house, it means nothing unless it’s in an area that people can thrive in. A smaller house in a great location will usually win. Try to go for a home near businesses that are doing well, as well as a good school district.

Be Smart With Your Money

Be smart with your money when buying a new home, especially within the three to six months before actually buying it. You’ll be more eligible for the best loan possible when it’s seen that you’re good with saving money. Lenders don’t want to see a bunch of new credit cards and large transactions.

Realize When Your Emotions are Getting the Best of You

I know, this sounds a little funny when it’s in regards to a home, but it makes sense. You can truly think that the first home you look at is the one for you, but you must weigh your options. It’s better to go with instincts over feelings. Don’t lose sight of the deal and the value of each home you look at, that’s what is important in the long run. Of course, you wan’t to be happy and comfortable in your home, but sometimes patience is needed. Stick with this advice and you’ll end up with the home you love AND a deal you love.

How to Bid

Bid based on your budget and what you believe the worth of the house actually is. What good is winning a bid if you truly can’t afford it? Yes, you may win the house, but you’ll really be putting yourself in a bad starting place. Bidding for what you think the house is worth will give you peace of mind and a fair chance at being able to express what you think should be paid for the house. This price has to be a reasonable one, but it’s better to start off confident than giving full power to the seller.

These tips will truly help you in the home buying process and I hope you take advantage of them. Here’s even more!

Using Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home? Did you know that an easy way for people to see the home you’re selling is through social media? It’s true, and here’s why!


1. Setting up a Facebook page with information, a map and photos of your home, inside and out, is a beneficial way to allow potential buyers to see what your home looks like before they even come by to see it for themselves. You can set up the settings so that your photos can be kept private if preferred and invite people in. Your followers could invite friends or family who are in the process of looking, or they can simply share it on their own pages if your settings allow. Staying with the theme of Facebook, a different idea for a page is setting one up with all homes for sale in the area, for example, “Homes in Boston” could be the name of this page. People looking in the Boston area could like this page to see their options, and yours will be on the list!

2. Create a blog! People love content and people love personal stories! Share some stories about your home and provide links to helpful sources. You can use your blog to further post photos, videos and information. Add your blog link to your Facebook page, or go one step further and create a whole website for it. You can have your website created by a Long Island web design company or you can find templates on WordPress to get started. This website can have everything on it all at once, links to Facebook, a link to your blog, a photo gallery, and more!

3. YouTube video tours are a great way to give your followers a run down on each room of the house. With a video, it’s easier to get into full detail. I find that many people enjoy hearing the facts rather than just have them listed. Although, it’s still important to have documents that state all the numbers, prices, measurements, etc. From the yard to all the rooms, a video tour should show it all!

Like I said, people like videos, so here is a video with more interesting advice. Enjoy!!

Mechanical HVAC Services NY:What to Look Out For

The BP Group: Mechanical HVAC Services NY

mechanical HVAC services NYHey everyone, it’s time for more advice, but this time we’ll be taking a bit of a left turn. This post won’t be aimed directly at prospective home owners, but rather, prospective business owners. Of course, the reasons presented here should still largely apply to your own home-search as well. Anyway, business owner-hopefuls, if you’re looking to purchase a commercial space, I’m sure you’re already doing your homework. One thing you might not have considered, however, would be your building’s HVAC system. If you live in New York, (or the Tri-State area) then you could visit the site of a company called the BP Group. They specialize in mechanical HVAC services NY.

But what makes a good HVAC system so important? Well, aside from air conditioning and heating, having your HVAC system properly maintained can affect your building in a number of ways. The most prominent factor in this regard is the actual air quality within your building. A faulty HVAC system will impede the building’s ability to properly filter contaminants from the air. Ultimately, a building’s HVAC system is essential to maintaining air quality within the building that is acceptable.

So, when you’re looking to buy a commercial building, the HVAC system should be a high priority. The BP group covers a wide array of needs you might have, especially their mechanical HVAC services NY. Even if you think you’re getting a good system included with the rest of your potential office space, it would be a good idea to have your regular maintenance plan.

At this point, I’ve kind of deviated from my original “first-time home buyers” mission statement, but I think the principles applied there can typically be applied to any kind of real estate dealing. For example, a central air system in your home, or some equivalent thereof, should follow the same process simply outlined above. A company that follows standards like the BP Group should be held as the ideal as you search, if they can’t solve your needs specifically. In the end, it comes down to your health and financial safety–you shouldn’t compromise either one.

For a little more about HVAC systems, watch this relatively short video:

Introduction Post – My Life and Career

Hi first home buyers and everyone else! Even if you’re not a first home buyer, you may find something helpful within my posts. Before getting down to the home purchasing tips and all that fun stuff, I want to share a little about myself. I grew up in New Jersey and I’m still living here today. I wouldn’t say I always had an interest in realty, I’m not so sure I even understood it until I was in my junior year of high school when it was introduced to me in a college business class, those were the days. That business class is where I got the insight I needed to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life.

a hand holds a single key


I live with the support of my husband and my 3 year old son, they truly put the light in my life. I also enjoy doing anything creative, like scrap-booking and DIY crafts. Maybe I’ll sneak a few of those posts in here every once in a while. Some of the crafts I do can be used as home decor if you’re looking to dress up your new home. Speaking of DIY, I would love to order one of these decorative ceilings from Archways and Ceilings with my husband. He knows how long I’ve wanted something new and exciting in our home. I find that a large majority of the time, first home buyers have some fixing up to do within the home. I’ll continue to share more ideas like that, ones that could even increase the value of your home.

For my first official post, I’d love to share a video with you introducing real estate as a whole. This will give you some background information about becoming a real estate agent. This may give my readers some insight into why I do what I do. Stay on the look out for examples, tips and stories about home buying along the way. Enjoy!